News Story
Posted by Transylvania County on March 23, 2020

With everything going on in the world, our country, our state, and our local community, we want you to know that your Sheriff’s Office stands ready to serve and protect you.  Here are some things we are doing to help protect you and our employees from a possible exposure to COVID-19.


Our VIPS (volunteers) have been advised to stay home.  We are learning just how valuable they really are to the day to day operations.  But as a high-risk population, we want to ensure their safety by asking them to stay home for now.


We are doing as much business as possible by phone.  No, we are not closing the doors, but we would respectfully ask to assist us by calling rather than coming by the facility if at all possible.  If not, as always, come or we will come to you if needed.


We have temporarily cancelled all facility tours and non-essential visits.


All non-essential training and travel has been cancelled or postponed.


We are practicing social distancing to the best of our ability.  This can be especially difficult in our business.  Interaction with our community is vital to our operations, but we are experiencing a new normal.  Please don’t be offended if a deputy doesn’t shake hands or doesn’t get too close.


School Resource Officers are assisting Transylvania County Schools, along with any and all school aged students, with delivery of virtual day materials and school lunches.


We are restricting public access to the most vulnerable spaces in our facility.


To ensure services continue, we are providing “Deputy Daycare” for the children of our employees while school is not in session.


If we are experiencing any symptoms, we are staying home!


Again, it is an honor to serve you.  Please bear with us and be patient, as we all are attempting to navigate these unprecedented times.  Thank you so much for your cooperation, patience, and understanding.