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Posted by Transylvania County on September 23, 2019

Several weeks ago, Project Empathy hosted a Time to Talk About Bikes at Brevard College.  A diverse group of panelists, including Chief Deputy Eddie Gunter and others, had the opportunity to share their different perspectives on biking (road and mountain) in the County.  Over a 150 attended the discussion and were able to participate. 


From a law enforcement perspective, my primary objective and that of my officers is to make sure that everyone is safe (motorist and cyclist) as the travel throughout Transylvania County.  We are not here to take sides, but rather to enforce the law, as well as to protect and serve all citizens and visitors of our community.  Almost everyone that we observe (motorists and cyclists) obey the laws and are courteous to others.  Some things to remember:


  • For Cyclist: NC Division of Motor Vehicle Traffic Laws apply to you – the same as if you were driving a car. 
  1. Stop at Stop signs.
  2. Signal your intentions when stopping or turning by using hand signals.
  3. Do not ride more than 2-abreast and stay as far to the right as practicable.
  4. Place lights on your bike (front and rear).
  5. Wear bright colors to help motorist better see you from a distance.
  6. Be polite – if you notice a line of cars and trucks behind you, pull over to let them pass.


  • For Motorist: NC Division of Motor Vehicle Traffic Laws apply to you – the same as if you were riding a bike or a farm tractor.
  1. If safe, motorist may pass a bike(s) on a double yellow line, but with at least four feet of space (4’) between the car and bike(s).
  2. Drive the posted speed limit.
  3. Be polite – what if that cyclist was your grandchild or a neighbor’s child?


To learn more about the current cycling requirements go to