News Story
Posted by Transylvania County on February 17, 2020

At the end of 2019, TCSO had 21 active Volunteers

(V.I.P.S. – Volunteers In Partnership with the Sheriff)


In calendar year 2018, VIPS contributed 4,502.75 total hours

  • At minimum wage ($7.25/hour), that’s a contribution of $32,644.94
  • At TCSO Starting Deputy Salary ($18.01/hour), that’s a contribution of $81,094.53 (or more than 2 full time deputies!)
  • At the national volunteer average estimate (Independent Sector @ $25.43/hour), that’s a contribution of $114,504.93


Volunteer duties include:

  • Patrol / Neighborhood Watch
  • Assisting with Traffic Control (Ballgames, Special Events, Bike Races, Festivals, School Events, Motor Vehicle Accidents, etc.)
  • Vacation House Checks
  • Data Entry & Record Keeping
  • Assisting with Court Security
  • Assisting with Prisoner Transport
  • Fingerprinting Services
  • Assisting with Involuntary Commitment Transport
  • Assisting with Inmate Work Crew
  • Group Sessions in Detention
  • Assisting with various Chaplain Services in Detention

HELP WANTED:  We are currently looking for additional volunteers to assist with our Patrol, Neighborhood Watch, and Court Security.  We ask volunteers to contribute a minimum of 4 to 8 hours a month if possible, with no maximum limits on hours.  For more information about how you or someone you know can become a V.I.P.S., please contact Dave Nimer ( or Captain Jeremy Queen ( at the Transylvania County Sheriff’s Office at (828) 884-3168.