What We Do

The Patrol Division provides the regular patrols that you see around the county on a day to day basis. The primary function of the Patrol Division is to answer the calls for service received from our citizens and visitors. They also provide the general patrols that helps deter criminal activity all over the county. There are a number of Reserve Officers who fill in when a regular officer is not able to work their regular shift because of sickness or injury.

Our Officers

These officers are the first one scene to all of our criminal complaints and are responsible for taking the initial reports and doing preliminary investigations. These uniformed officers have the great responsibility of keeping our communities safe. They are the most visible officers we have, because they wear our uniform and drive the black and white patrol cars that you see around the county.


The patrol officers are assigned to four rotating shifts, A, B, C, & D. Each shift has a Lieutenant who supervises their respective shift, a Sergeant who serves as the assistant supervisor, and three patrol deputies. During a shift, they will be assigned to a patrol zone, where they spend their shift. They occasional leave that zone to assist or back up other officers when needed.

The Patrol Division is Transylvania’s first line of defense against criminal activity. These men and women are dedicated to keeping our communities, residents and visitors safe.

If You Need Help

If you need to report a non-emergency crime, or just speak to an officer, contact 828-884-3168.