What We Do

The Civil Process Division is responsible for serving all civil paperwork coming from the courts including: civil summons, magistrate/small claims summons, domestic violence protection summons & orders, paternity and child support papers, summary ejectments, civil executions, subpoenas to appear and/or produce, etc. These civil papers tell the named person(s) of a court date or an action that must be taken.

The division receives these papers from the North Carolina Courts, the Federal Courts, and Courts in other states. There are service fees connected with most of these papers and the Civil Process Officers are responsible for collecting these fees. Sometimes, the paper work directs that the Civil Process Officers seize money or property and then turn it over to the court or suitable person.


The Civil Process Division consists of three full time officers and one volunteer. They operate Monday thru Friday 8am till 5pm.

About Civil Process Officers

Civil Process Officers are sworn deputy sheriffs, and have all the powers of arrest, conduct traffic stops or investigate crime as any sworn office in the state of North Carolina. These officers are required to have Basic Law Enforcement Training as well as specialized training in all aspects of civil process.

Ready To Help

The Civil Process Division stands ready to assist our citizens with any civil matter or answer any questions you may have. You can contact an officer at  828-884-3168 during regular business hours.