What We Do

The criminal investigations division or CID is made up of a Lieutenant, Sergeant and five criminal investigators. This division is responsible for investigating the criminal offenses reported to the Sheriff’s Office. This includes things from residential breaking and entering to homicide. The crime that seems to being increasing the most these days, is fraud and identity theft.

About Our Criminal Investigators

Our criminal investigators are sworn law enforcement officers, and most have worked in our patrol division at one time or another. They all have a specialized field, but work general crime as well. These officers received their general law enforcement training in a state approved Basic Law Enforcement class. Most specialized training was received through the North Carolina Justice Academy or one of our local community colleges.

Evidence & Property

Our evidence and property room is also managed by this division. All evidence seized by all divisions in criminal case pass through our evidence and property room. Some evidence, such as illegal narcotics, are sent on the state lab for testing. Other evidence will be held for court procedures such a trial. We also are required by statute to hold seized firearms in some domestic violence case until those cases are disposed of in court.

Our investigators carry a regular case load which require them to testify in court. Thy also complete a variety of tasks throughout their normal day that vary depending on the needs of our community.