What We Do

The Transylvania County Narcotics Task Force is comprised of two full time investigators from the Sheriff’s Office and two full time Brevard City Police Detectives. There is also a part time deputy that assists them two days a week and anytime he is needed. The Task Force is housed at the Sheriff’s Office and investigate all the drug complaints received as well as generate their own cases by taking a pro-active enforcement approach.

About Our Investigators

Task force investigators work drug cases from simple possession of illegal controlled substances, to very complex drug rings and conspiracy cases. Drug cases in Transylvania County are prosecuted at both the State and Federal levels.

Specialized Training

Narcotics officers receive specialized training from the North Carolina Justice academy, local community colleges and through the DEA. The Narcotics Task Force partners with the DEA, HSI and the ATF. This gives them the ability to expand on resources for both investigative and prosecutorial purposes. We maintain great working relationships with these federal agencies and work with them on a regular basis.

If You Have Information

If you have information related to the sale or delivery of an illegal controlled substance, the Transylvania County Narcotics Task Force would love to hear from you. They can be reached during normal business hours at 828-884-3168 or 828-883-3080.