What exactly is a School Resource Officer?

A School Resource Officer (SRO) can best be defined as: 1) A Law Enforcement Officer who works on the school campus; 2) An educator on topics that the he/she has knowledge and/or training; and 3) An advocate/counselor for the students and staff of What exactly is a School Resource Officer? A School Resource Officer (SRO) can best be defined the school.

In many areas, Transylvania County included, the SRO has also taken over the duties of teaching the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) curriculum within the school.

Our Officers

Our School Resource Officers spend countless hours in the halls of their schools interacting with the kids. They build relationships with these kids that no other law enforcement officer will experience, and Most kids will tell these officers things that they won’t even tell teachers. In many cases these kids grow to learn that law enforcement is not their enemy and are willing to step in and assist in all kinds of situations.


One of the primary responsibilities of a School Resource Officer is the safety of the students and staff. At the beginning of each year, SROs team up with school staff to complete the safe schools site assessment. This gives an opportunity to address some of the danger areas on campus and get them corrected for the safety of the students and staff. Our School Resource Officers are trained in the latest active shooter response tactics and train on a yearly basis. We hope and pray we never have an incident in any of our schools, but preparedness is top priority for these officers.

Daily Schedule

The School Resource officer’s day doesn’t always end when school dismisses in the afternoon either, often times there are sporting events to work. Band concerts and school plays. Lots of events keep SROs busy long after schools’ out.

An Officer's Work Is Never Done

The School Resource Officer isn’t finished once school is out for the summer. During this time, they participate in the Sheriff’s two-week SHIELD camp for rising freshman. They also have a week of DARE camp with graduating fifth graders. And this is the only time of year when officers have enough down time for their yearly training.