What We Do

Support services is a division attached to our Criminal Investigations. Support Services primary role is Sheriff’s Office records. As such, they take in all offense reports generated by every division of the Sheriff’s Office. The biggest, by far, is the Patrol Division. This is where all Sheriff’s Office reports get processed, routed to investigators, or back to the Patrol Division for follow-up or investigation.

Handgun Permit Applications

Support services also processes our handgun purchase permit applications. This is mandated by state law. Staff run criminal background check on all applicants, fingerprint and collect money. Eventually they issue these permits after all the paperwork and documentation are completed.

Another role is the NC concealed Handgun Permit applications. Support services again takes these applications and processes them. Our finding are then sent to the State, and the state issues the permit. Those permits are returned to our support services staff for completion and delivery.

Data Entry & Record Keeping Support

Support services spend numerous hours on the computer doing data entry, as most all records these days are digital. Support services is not what you typically think of when you think law enforcement, but we couldn’t do our jobs without them. They play a vital role in making sure we keep up to date, accurate records.