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Posted by Transylvania County on June 6, 2022


Transylvania County is home to some of the best camping in the country.  Campers from all over the world come here to experience Pisgah National Forest, Nantahala National Forest, Gorges State Park, and DuPont State Forest just to name a few.  National Camping Month in June is an excellent time to pack up your gear and experience nature.

Whether you grew up making backyard blazes or you're about to build your first fire ever, this overview of campfires will help you have a great time. You'll find recommendations for how to safely build, feed and extinguish a campfireHaving an open fire is often a key and enjoyable part of camping. The smell of wood smoke and the pop and hiss of burning wood in a campfire brightens any night out in the woods, mountains, or beach.

However, you want to make sure you control your fire, and not the other way around!

Before starting your fire, follow these steps:

  • Know the local rules = Each park has their own rules on where and when you can have a campfire. Ask at the visitor center or contact the park before you visit so you know any relevant rules.
  • Know the fire conditions = Has it been windy and dry lately? That might mean campfires are banned, or that other special rules or restrictions are in effect. Again, contact the park when you arrive or shortly before you visit to find out if there is a burn ban or other weather-related rules you need to know.

Not all campfires are the same! For some people, the idea of a campfire is two logs quietly burning in a fire ring, while for others, the same word means a four-foot tall blazing pile of wood and brush.

Different parks allow different sizes and types of fires. Don’t assume a bonfire is going to be ok in a busy campground full of kids, RVs and trees. Ask at the visitor center or find the campground host to see if specific areas are set aside for fires, and if there are rules on the size of your blaze.  Stay tuned next week for more.

Source:  National Park Service