News Story
Posted by Transylvania County on January 25, 2021

1. Why is my plate being replaced?  The plate replacement is statutory. The General Assembly voted in 2019 (HB 211) to begin replacing plates every seven years beginning July 1, 2020. However, that mandate was delayed to Jan. 1, 2021 due to the COVID pandemic. Plates currently seven years or older will be replaced first. The statute is tied to a new requirement that license plates use the latest in reflective technology to make them easier to see and to read, especially at night. Reflectivity deteriorates over time so new plates are easier to read by machines that access tolls or to enter/exit parking areas.


2. Will I be allowed to go to a license plate agency to renew if my plate is being recalled?

Yes, if you go to a local agency to renew, you can pick up the new plate there.


3. Will it cost more money to replace my plate every 7 years?  No, it will not cost additional fees to replace your plate every 7 years.


4. Is it possible for me to keep my current plate?  Unfortunately, the plate must be replaced based on the passing of HB 211.


5. Can I request the same plate text/number that I currently have now?  Yes, you can request the same plate text/number on most plates (excluding dealer, transporter plates) at your local License Plate Agency and through the mail; however, you cannot request the same plate text/number via the internet. When the same plate text/number is ordered, it will be made as a flat plate instead of the current embossed style plate.  Note: The flat plate is important to emphasize with law enforcement


6. My current plate is personalized, can I keep the same background and plate number?

Yes, you can keep the same background unless you choose another background, and your plate number will stay the same unless you request a different one, but again, that is only if you renew by mail or at a local office. When the same plate text/number is ordered, it will be made as a flat plate instead of the current embossed style plate.


7. Are plates being replaced at renewal time only?  Yes, during renewal is the only time a plate will be replaced due to HB 211.


8. What do I do with my old plate?  You can turn the plate in at a local License Plate Agency office, or mail it to DMV Vehicle Registration Section, 3148 Mail Service Center, 1100 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, N.C. 27699-3148. Please include a brief note about why it is being returned.                                  Source: NC Sheriffs’ Association