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Posted by Transylvania County on December 14, 2021

3. Learn to spot holiday shopping scams.

Just like little white lights and pumpkin spice, shopping scams are just about everywhere if you know how to spot them. Take a minute to brush up on common Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday shopping scams so you can avoid falling for one. Common scams include advertising amazing "deals" and setting up fake online stores to collect credit card numbers and other personal info from unsuspecting shoppers. Stay away from offers and sales that seem too good to be true.

4. Safeguard store accounts with strong passwords.

Did you create an account, instead of checking out as a guest, to make it easier to shop with a favorite retailer? Make sure to protect that account with a strong password so a hacker can't get into your account, steal your information, or make a purchase with your card. Keep in mind, it's also a good idea to decline to save your card information on a retailer's site to keep yourself even safer. A password manager can generate secure passwords, store them, and autofill them when you want to shop.

5. Don't shop on public Wi-Fi.

It may sound nice to do your holiday shopping at a local coffee shop, sipping a warm drink while "Let It Snow" plays in the background. But shopping online from your laptop, tablet, or phone while connected to public Wi-Fi can open the door to hackers. Public Wi-Fi connections are often unencrypted and unsecured, leaving you vulnerable to a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack that could allow a scammer to grab your name, address, credit card number, and other personal information. If you must shop on public Wi-Fi, use a virtual private network (VPN), which creates a “tunnel” that allows you to transmit your encrypted data securely.

6. Check for fraud after your holiday shopping.

Just as Santa's always watching, you should be too. During the holiday season, take a few minutes to keep an eye on your bank and credit accounts. Glance over the transactions, make sure the amounts are correct and look for fraud. If you spot an unauthorized transaction, call your bank or card issuer right away. Federal law offers plenty of protections for fraudulent transactions. But in order to benefit, you need to see and report the fraud in a timely manner.


Follow these tips for Cyber Monday 2021 and beyond, and your holiday season should be merry, bright, and free from scammers who are waiting to take advantage of your holiday spirit.                                                    

Source: Norton Online Security