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Posted by Transylvania County on August 16, 2021

There are many ways to prevent getting hacked, from stronger passwords to using the right VPNs to protect your devices.  However, just because you protect yourself doesn’t mean you are “unhackable”.  Sure it’s a great idea to make it harder for people to hack you, but there’s almost always a loophole.  The good news is that, unless you’re pretty popular, you’re not necessarily a big target for cyber-attacks.  The bad news is that it still may happen.  So you just got hacked, now what?  There are many things you need to do.  Here is part 1 of a few steps you should take right now.

  1. Reset All of Your Passwords

If you’re like most people, chances are you use the same password on many different platforms. And if someone managed to get into one of your accounts, they might try to access other accounts as well.  One of the first things you need to do is make sure you change all your passwords as soon as you noticed you’ve been hacked. That way, your other accounts won’t be compromised, and you’ll manage to reduce the possible damage.  Most platforms have the option to sign out of the account on all other devices, so make sure to use this as well.

  1. Control the Damage

Did the hacker use your account to withdraw money? Did they write something awful on your profile? Did they DM your crush? You need to check your profile on the platforms that they got into and do some damage control ASAP.  Delete any comments or changes they might have done or call your bank if necessary. But hey, at least you have a good reason to finally talk to your crush.

  1. Contact Your Friends and Family

If you got hacked, that means your personal information was compromised. Unfortunately, that might not only affect you but your loved ones as well. If someone got a hold of your personal information, they might try to call your relatives to try to scam them.  For instance, they can call and say you got into an accident and that they need them to deposit some money to help you. These people are pretty clever, and that’s why you need to be one step ahead and talk to your closest friends and family about this.  Tell them that you got hacked, and ask them to contact you first if they receive some news or information about you to make sure it’s real or not.  The same goes for your boss and coworkers. If the hackers entered something like your work email account, you’d also need to let them know in case the hacker tries something awful.                                                                                                        Source: